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Emmit Fenn – I Can’t Believe I Had You

In Ambient, Chill, Dreamy, Electronic by Jeff

The recently released Until We Meet Again EP by incredibly talented singer and producer Emmit Fenn is a gorgeous little project from start to finish. My favorite song, hands down, is the delicate and sentimental “I Can’t Believe I Had You”. It features softly crooned and subtly digitized vocals, dreamy synths, and a smooth house beat. Fenn’s entire discography is great, …

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Tycho – Jetty

In Ambient, Chill, Dreamy, Electronic, Instrumental by Jeff1 Comment

Fortnite streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has teamed up with big time producers Alesso, 3LAU, and Tycho for a cool little Fortnite themed project called Ninjawerks. Tycho’s contribution is the first we’ve heard from him in a while, so we’ll take it! “Jetty” embodies that classic Tycho sound with hypnotizing percussion, gorgeous synths, and a dreamy vibe. Check it out …

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Charli XCX – Lucky (Ö Remix)

In Ambient, Dream Pop, Dreamy, Electronic, Experimental, Indie, Zone Out by JeffLeave a Comment

Wow, this stripped down remix of Charli XCX‘s “Lucky” is something special. Experimental Montreal based producer Ö puts a delicate touch on this one, with echoing choral melodies and soft chants that build alongside Charli’s angelic vocals. Together, these pieces add a stunning new depth to what was already an incredible song. Stream the remix below and check out Ö‘s …

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MODA – Ad Adel

In Ambient, Chill, Downtempo, Dreamy, Electronic, Instrumental, Zone Out by JeffLeave a Comment

With the goal of “making music that transcends genres and hits the feels,” you could say Toronto based production duo MODA are overachieving. They’ve got an emotive sound that’s delightfully chilled out. One of their latests songs, “Ad Adel”, simply oozes with emotion—featuring gorgeous acoustic piano, violin, and crooned vocal samples overtop a delicate beat. Everything combines perfectly, making for …

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ILIVEHERE. – Happy Birthday Mom

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Holland-based producer and bitbird affiliate ILIVEHERE. recently dropped off a special little ambient tune in honor of his mother’s birthday. It’s a sweet sentiment and an even sweeter sounding song. Calming synths and acoustic guitar are overlaid with layers of crackling static, resulting in a warm and vintage sound. Check out more from ILIVEHERE. on SoundCloud and stream “Happy Birthday …

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Lost Canvas – Just Us

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Song: Just Us Artist: Lost Canvas If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to the instrumental work of shak., here’s the perfect opportunity to catch up. The Netherlands-based producer’s solo work is masterfully melancholic and hauntingly beautiful. It’s on par with some of the best tracks from Shlohmo‘s 2011 album, Bad Vibes, which is high praise coming from a …

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Applescal – Japanese Bubbles

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Song: Japanese Bubbles Artist: Applescal It’s all too easy to drift into deep thought as Applescal‘s “Japanese Bubbles” trickles through your mind with it’s warm, pleasant vibes. The playful percussion and soft, floating melodies combine to create an instrumental that’s perfect for late-night contemplation. This song is from Applescal’s upcoming album For, which will be released on May 18th via …

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Stèv – Hills Are Floating

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Song: Hills Are Floating Artist: Stèv Founded by Emancipator in 2010, Loci Records’ focus is on the crossroads of melodic downtempo, instrumental hip hop, and electronica. Italian producer Stèv fits perfectly within Emancipator’s vision, and his latest song “Hills Are Floating” is a beautiful representation of his chilled out style. It’s fluid and lush, with organic instrumentation that’s accented by …

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Teen Daze – Lights In The Palm Trees

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Song: Lights In The Palm Trees Artist: Teen Daze It’s all too easy to become immersed in the stunningly beautiful Japanese bonus track from Teen Daze’s album A World Away. ‘Lights In The Palm Trees’ is a warm and soothing instrumental that’s reminiscent of Boards of Canada or Tycho’s gliding synths and gentle percussion. Check out more chill material like …