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mossy. – Glass

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I’ve discovered several exciting new producers recently and mossy. sits firmly at the top of the list. There’s not a lot of info about him, but his polished sound has me hooked in the best way. His new song “glass” features waves of organic instrumentation and deep electronic sounds colliding together to form an intensely downtempo affair. The results are …

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COMODO – Time Out

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from UK producer COMODO, so it’s nice to get a new song – even though it may have been created a while back. “Time Out” is a silky smooth instrumental that features a shuffling beat, dreamy soundscapes, and the perfect amount of complimentary acoustic guitar. Once the groove gets going, it’s incredibly …

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Toonorth – Whiskey and Coke

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When it comes to dusty, laid back beats, Toonorth is easily one of my favorites. His excellent Anemoia EP came out last year via BLVNT RECORDS and he’s been rather quiet since… until now. “Whiskey and Coke” is everything I love about this guy’s sound. It’s fuzzy and hypnotic, with plenty of fine details that make for a rewarding listen …

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Harris Cole – That Miserable Man Milligan (feat. Mr. Carmack)

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The recently released album, Pause, by Chicago-based producer Harris Cole makes for an incredible listen, especially if you appreciate a cohesive, laid back instrumental project like I do. One of the album’s many highlights is the Mr. Carmack assisted track, “That Miserable Man Milligan,” which features an array of trippy sounds overtop a beat that hypnotizes with a plodding, syrupy …

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Catching Flies – Komorebi

In Chill, Chillwave, Downtempo, Electronic, Experimental, Guitar, Indie, Instrumental, Uplifting, Zone Out by J FreshwaterLeave a Comment

How to describe the wonderful music of London producer Catching Flies? It’s honestly hard to do justice to the beautiful feelings his music evokes, but on the most basic level it’s a melodic blend of chillwave, electronic, and downtempo – often taking the best of each genre and meshing them into a warm and easy listening experience. “Komorebi” is a …

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Chemtrails – Pastel Eyes

In Chill, Downtempo, Electronic, Instrumental, Zone Out by J Freshwater1 Comment

The newly released Vivid Yet Just Beyond Tangible EP by Atlanta-based producer Chemtrails is a beautiful collection of 7 laid back songs. One of the highlights of the EP happens to be the very first song, creatively titled “Pastel Eyes.” Waves of shimmering synths and sounds are carried along by a hypnotizing beat, and the effect is reminiscent of the …

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Late June – Worthless

In Chill, Downtempo, Instrumental, Melancholy by J Freshwater1 Comment

With a bio that reads “I drink coffee, then make sad songs on a laptop and piano,” 20-year old Aukland, New Zealand based producer Late June holds true to his word with “Worthless”. The melancholic, piano driven instrumental uses breathy vocal samples and drowsy percussion to ensnare your emotions and delicately drive home a forlorn vibe.

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instupendo – light lock.

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The latest song from Philadelphia beatsmith instupendo is a 3 minute instrumental masterpiece. Smokey, meandering percussion unfolds alongside waves of hazy sounds — blanketing the song in daydream inducing vibes. I think it’s safe to say that instupendo has established a sound and style that sets himself apart in this vast sea of modern producers.

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Makuda – Valley

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Describing his style as “story telling music”, Makuda seems to have a knack for creating some seriously moody instrumentals. His new song “Valley” is a slow-burning track that’s loaded with texture. Several effects are layered overtop of spacey electric guitar and a steady, downtempo beat. The resulting sound walks a fine line between chilled out and unsettling. This one is …