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Coyote Kisses – The Deep

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Song: The Deep Artist: Coyote Kisses I can’t pretend I don’t get all excited every time a new Coyote Kisses song drops. On top of having one of the coolest names in EDM, these guys are pros and everything they put out lives up to the high standard they’ve set for themselves. “The Deep” is a complex and ever-changing electronic …

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Odd Mob – This Game (ft. Bertie Blackman) (PLS&TY Remix)

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Song: This Game (PLS&TY Remix) Artist: Odd Mob ft Bertie Blackman Another glamorous remix from PLS&TY? Please & thank you! The young producer applies a futuristic spin on Odd Mob‘s “This Game” with a deft touch. Intense builds, neon-tinged synths, and uplifting vocals are tied together by hammering percussion — making this one a must-have-download for anyone who calls themselves …

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flybear – The Hook

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Song: The Hook Artist: flybear Enigmatic 19-year-old producer flybear recently released his first song in quite some time, and it’s easily his best work to date. “The Hook” is a charming, uptempo electronic groove that clips along at breakneck speed while remaining delightfully easy to listen to. An array of shimmering sounds fly every which-way, swirling together to create a …

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Chet Porter – Awakening

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Song: Awakening Artist: Chet Porter This carefree and childlike artwork perfectly captures the mood of Chet Porter‘s brand new song “Awakening”. The Toronto producer channels his inner youth to deliver a beautifully uplifting slice of electronic heaven that, after countless listens, has proven absolutely irresistible. Click play, float away, and purchase the song on the platform of your choice.

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Tennyson – Like What?

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Song: Like What? Artist: Tennyson Glitchy, groovy, and just plain great — Tennyson‘s new single “Like What?” is unlike anything you’ve heard lately. The brother-sister duo just dropped their Like What EP and it’s so good it’ll charm your warmest winter socks off. “Like What?” serves as a fine example of what the group is all about: twisting, turning, bright …

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The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (Ardency Remix)

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Song: Good Vibrations (Ardency Remix) Artist: The Beach Boys Florida duo Ardency seem to have done the impossible on their latest remix, transforming the classic harmonies and chill vibes of “Good Vibrations” into a dark, club ready affair. Fluorescent synths back the classic vocals before the remix drops with static and an escalator bass-synth. Everything about this one bursts with …

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WIZE – chocolate milk (feat. R.O.M)

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Song: chocolate milk (feat. R.O.M) Artist: WIZE London-based beatsmith WIZE gets an assist from R.O.M on a bubbling and experimental new beat titled “chocolate milk”. It’s short and sweet—clocking in at only 2 minutes—but it packs a whole lotta good vibes in it’s brief runtime. Chopped vocals and swanky guitar are backed by an array of off-kilter percussion to create …

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NoMBe – Kemosabe

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Song: Kemosabe Artist: NoMBe Shimmering psychedelic sounds and soulful vocals combine to make “Kemosabe” the most experimental song from NoMBe yet. The multitalented LA-based artist previously wowed us with “Miss Mirage” and after a few months of silence, he’s back in a big way. The smokey vocals and spine-tingling production in “Kemosabe” are spectacular — resulting in a song that’s …

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Airia – Toys

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Song: Toys Artist: Airia It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Airia, but have no fear: his new song “Toys” picks up right where he left off. It’s a bright and energetic beat that’s laced with plenty of clean synths and thumping percussion. “Toys” fits right in line with Airia’s sound, but it stands apart as one of the …

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Dylan Brady & Poter Elvinger – Read At 2:35 AM

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Song: Read At 2:35 AM Artist: Dylan Brady & Poter Elvinger These guys have to be taking some cutting edge, unavailable-to-the-public type shit. Dylan Brady and Poter Elvinger both create hard hitting “pop” music that won’t actually be considered popular until 10 years from now. Mark my words: they’re ahead of their time. “Read At 2:35 AM” is their first …