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Chet Porter – Awakening

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Song: Awakening Artist: Chet Porter This carefree and childlike artwork perfectly captures the mood of Chet Porter‘s brand new song “Awakening”. The Toronto producer channels his inner youth to deliver a beautifully uplifting slice of electronic heaven that, after countless listens, has proven absolutely irresistible. Click play, float away, and purchase the song on the platform of your choice.

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MEDASIN. – Leaving Earth

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Song: Leaving Earth Artist: MEDASIN. Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon a song that’s capable of making your trouble float away. MEDASIN.‘s latest beat—the aptly titled “Leaving Earth”—does just that. The Dallas-based beatsmith keeps it simple and classy with this one – using otherworldly harp strums and a juicy beat to get your ears tingling and your head nodding.

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Cresce – When I Die..

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Song: When I Die.. Artist: Cresce I anticipated a moody and depressing beat upon reading the title and seeing the artwork, but “When I Die” is quite the opposite. Netherlands-based producer Cresce delivers a vibrant and uplifting instrumental thats paints a picture of sunlight breaking through dark clouds. Breathy vocal samples, lush pads, and clean percussion combine to make “When …

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Flamingosis – Getting Close To You

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Song: Getting Close To You Artist: Flamingosis New Jersey-based beatsmith Flamingosis sure is a smooth operator. His production style ranges from upbeat and jazzy to chilled out and understated, with his latest song “Getting Close To You” hitting the sweet spot somewhere in between. In case you were wondering, the samples come from Tom Browne’s version of the classic R&B …

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REVIVE US – Campfire Anthem

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Song: Campfire Anthem Artist: REVIVE US 18-year-old producer Chris Davies, a.k.a. REVIVE US will be dropping his debut album sometime next year and our first taste comes in the excellent new single “Campfire Anthem”. Not only is it the first single from the album, it also marks the first occasion the young artist utilizes his own vocals. The resulting track …

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PINES – Fate

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Song: Fate Artist: PINES Beautifully lush melodies and expertly pitched vocal samples make Australian duo PINES new song, “Fate”, an instrumental that has to be heard. The core of the song is a speedy beat that’s layered with warm synths, but what makes this one special is the classical piano and violin jabs that give the song an epic edge. …

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Hugh – Learn To Fall (Anevo Remix)

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Song: Learn To Fall (Anevo Remix) Artist: Hugh I fell in love with Anevo‘s remix of “Good For You” by Selena Gomez, and ever since then I’ve kept an ear out for new material from the Swedish producer. His latest song—another flawless remix—gives a euphoric jump start to London-based group Hugh‘s “Learn To Fall”. Anevo allows the original songs vocals …

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Vanilla – Swept Away

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Song: Swept Away Artist: Vanilla UK producer Vanilla is making plenty of warm waves with his new album Origin. The project is comprised of 17 soulful instrumentals and it’s available for a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp. “Swept Away” is one of many highlights on Origin, and I think it serves as the perfect introduction to Vanilla’s style. The song samples …

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Hundred Waters – Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix)

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Song: Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix) Artist: Hundred Waters Submerge yourself in the dreamy vibes of Big Wild‘s spectacular new remix. The California-based musician wraps Hundred Waters‘ lovely single, “Show Me Love” in a hazy embrace of synths, static, and minimalistic percussion to create an entirely new track that’s every bit as beautiful as it is pure. Even with …