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COMODO – Time Out

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from UK producer COMODO, so it’s nice to get a new song – even though it may have been created a while back. “Time Out” is a silky smooth instrumental that features a shuffling beat, dreamy soundscapes, and the perfect amount of complimentary acoustic guitar. Once the groove gets going, it’s incredibly …

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ozone – you & i.

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Riding on waves of beautifully lush pads and samples, producer ozone deploys crisp trap percussion to create a beat that’ll have you pleasantly sedated mere moments after hitting play. ozone is no stranger when it comes to incorporating rap vocals into his tracks, and “you & i.” delivers on this front as well — taking a surprise turn around the …

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Kodyak – somewhere\\\between

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Team Sesh affiliated producer kodyak excels at creating dreamy, atmospheric instrumentals, and after a brief hiatus, his new song “somewhere\\\between” picks things up right where they left off. Throughout the duration of the song, kodyak flawlessly blends electronic elements and percussion into beautifully textured soundscapes that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Check out more from kodyak on Soundcloud …

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skinnydip – Eleven

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Inspired by Stranger Things’ most memorable character, producer skinnydip has crafted a quietly powerful beat titled “Eleven”. Layers of electric guitar create a woozy and laid back vibe, while assertive percussion drives the track forward. It’s only two minutes long, but I feel like I could listen to this on repeat for hours. Check out more of skinnydip’s work on …

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Autograf – Nobody Knows (ft. WYNNE)

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Dark, soulful, and subdued, Autograf‘s new song deviates far from the groups usual dance-ready sound. They’ve shown their versatility before, but “Nobody Knows” introduces a brand new side of Autograf and I’m loving it. The prominent vocals of singer WYNNE are anchored by haunting piano melodies and restrained percussion, with unconventional electronic sections materializing at the perfect times. I’d consider …

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Toonorth – Whiskey and Coke

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When it comes to dusty, laid back beats, Toonorth is easily one of my favorites. His excellent Anemoia EP came out last year via BLVNT RECORDS and he’s been rather quiet since… until now. “Whiskey and Coke” is everything I love about this guy’s sound. It’s fuzzy and hypnotic, with plenty of fine details that make for a rewarding listen …

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ILIVEHERE. – Happy Birthday Mom

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Holland-based producer and bitbird affiliate ILIVEHERE. recently dropped off a special little ambient tune in honor of his mother’s birthday. It’s a sweet sentiment and an even sweeter sounding song. Calming synths and acoustic guitar are overlaid with layers of crackling static, resulting in a warm and vintage sound. Check out more from ILIVEHERE. on SoundCloud and stream “Happy Birthday …