Conner Youngblood – Diamonds.

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Song: Diamonds.
Artist: Conner Youngblood

Conner Youngblood used to wrestle at Yale. Its a statement that stands in direct contrast to his beautifully delicate music. The Nashville-based artist has a knack for making music that uses vocal layering and multiple layers of instrumentation, yet still comes off as sparse and bare. It’s a recipe that creates the perfect landscape for his unique voice, which always seems to hold a sense of longing in it. The track “Diamonds.” is no different. The song begins with a ringing dial tone that crescendoes into grand keys. Conner’s voice is layered, creating depth in the song that is only breached by the rising chorus. It’s a track that could be incredibly strong with either just the instrumentation or the vocals, and as a whole is a completely captivating force. Be sure to check out his new EP, The Generation of Lift, which drops later this October.

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