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A Sol Mechanic – After Dark

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from A Sol Mechanic! He’s one of my favorite producers, so I was elated when I saw that he contributed a song to Sundae Sauuce’s new 13 track compilation Caramel Drizzle. “After Dark” features tribal-esque drums, meandering synths, and hazy effects all swirling together into an instrumental that’ll have your head nodding in no time. And the best part about this little project? 100% of the Bandcamp revenue generated will be donated to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation to help inner city school music programs in the United States. Grab a digital download for $5 and help support! Read More

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Fhin – Holy Drops

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The latest from Parisian singer/producer Fhin is a special blend of soulful crooning and pure electronic sounds. “Holy Drops” is a perfect combination of Fhin’s beautiful song writing skills and unique production, resulting in a haunting song that seems to get better with every listen. An acoustic intro abruptly gives way surging synths and chopped vocals, but everything is tied together nicely when the former elements are reintroduced and the song continues down a more organic path. Check out more from Fhin on SoundCloud and stream “Holy Drops” below. Read More

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Arizona based producer Jordan Reddington, aka Lakey Inspired, makes wonderfully chilled out instrumentals that hit on all the right notes. “5 Min Call” is one of his newest beats, and it serves as a great example of the young artist’s style. A gently rolling piano melody is backed by brisk percussion and subtle synths, creating a pleasantly laid back vibe that’s impossible to resist. Check out more from Lakey Inspired on SoundCloud and listen to “5 Min Call” below. Read More

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PnB Rock – Selfish (Shlohmo Remix)

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I know I’m not the only one whose ears perk up whenever Shlohmo drops a new remix. It’s been a while, so this dark and restrained reworking of Philly R&B artist PnB Rock‘s hit single “Selfish” comes as a welcomed surprise. The original song’s production was really bright and pretty, so of course Shlohmo stripped it down and installed his brooding, bass heavy sound in it’s place. The resulting track is worlds apart from its predecessor, which is exactly what a quality remix is supposed to be. Here’s hoping Shlohmo has more music coming soon. Read More

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Airbender – L.O.V.E

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Up and coming producer Franky Pecoraro, aka Airbender, only has a handful of followers right now, but with songs like the newly released “L.O.V.E”, that’s about to change. “L.O.V.E” is a pleasantly bouncy electronic beat that’s chocked full of familiar hip hop samples and dreamy instrumentation. The percussion is clean, the bass is dirty, and overall it’s just a lot of fun to listen to. Show Airbender some love on SoundCloud, and stream “L.O.V.E” below. Read More

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ODESZA – Meridian

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Upon announcing the title and release date of their upcoming album A Moment Apart, electronic duo ODESZA graced us with a couple new songs—”Meridian” and “Corners of the Earth”—to hold us over until the scheduled release of September 8. “Meridian” is my favorite of the two, as it puts ODESZA’s knack for atmospheric electronic music on full display. Tribal chants are pitched, warped, and layered, all while being wrapped in waves of warm synths and building percussion. Stream both new songs below, and head over to ODESZA’s SoundCloud for more. Read More

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Two Feet – Your Mother Was Cheaper

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The second track from Two Feet’s new Momentum EP completely embodies the young NYC artist’s signature sound. “Your Mother Was Cheaper” combines deep and rubbery bass, bluesy guitar riffs, and sultry vocals to create a slow burning track that stands tall above the rest of the EP. I love the way Two Feet creates catchy songs time and time again, all while staying true to his understated style. Check out “Your Mother Was Cheaper” below, and stream the Momentum EP on SoundCloud. Read More

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Big Wave – Focus

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Professional couch surfer/producer Big Wave is a recent discovery of mine, and I sure am glad I stumbled upon his music. His chilled out beats are perfect for zoning out and relaxing, or even playing in the background while knocking out some work. “Focus” was released 6 months ago, but it’s far too good not to share. It features a funky bassline at its core, with smooth horns and dream-like backing vocals adding to the allure. Head over to Big Wave’s SoundCloud for more music, and stream “Focus” and his new song “Golden Days” below. Read More

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X&G – Safe

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With a string of recent releases, it seems like production duo X&G may have a proper album on the way and I couldn’t be more excited. All their new songs are insane (especially the Josh Pan assisted “GRAVITY“), but “SAFE” is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a hard hitting instrumental that delivers the abstract creativity I’ve come to expect from X&G – with multiple left turns and unexpected sounds colliding to form a seriously intense piece of electronic music. Xian and Gaszia are both respectable artists in their own right, but when they collaborate, the results are simply unreal. Stream “SAFE” below. Read More