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quickly, quickly – applesauce

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How about a nice chilled out beat to start the week? We’ve featured Portland based producer quickly, quickly here before, and it’s a pleasure to have him back on the blog with his new song, “applesauce”. This one is a lo fi leaning, vocal sample-centric beat that features a crunchy drum loop and laid back vibe. It clocks in at a mere minute and a half, but it certainly makes the most of it’s brief runtime. Check out more from quickly, quickly on Soundcloud, and stream “applesauce” below. Read More

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Jai Wolf – Starlight (Goldroom Remix)

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Goldroom‘s latest release is a breathtaking reworking of Jai Wolf‘s beautiful single, “Starlight”. The airy vocals of Mr. Gabriel effortlessly coast alongside waves of balmy synths and entrancing percussion, while a healthy dose of reverb helps create a truly surreal soundscape. This is a great song for zoning out during a late night drive, and the perfect pairing for your favorite set of headphones. All that’s left to do is click play and float away. Read More

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mossy. – Glass

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I’ve discovered several exciting new producers recently and mossy. sits firmly at the top of the list. There’s not a lot of info about him, but his polished sound has me hooked in the best way. His new song “glass” features waves of organic instrumentation and deep electronic sounds colliding together to form an intensely downtempo affair. The results are mesmerizing, and it’s honestly unlike anything I’ve heard in recent memory. Check mossy. out on SoundCloud and stream “glass” below. Read More

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Sal Dulu – Antasma

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Never heard of Sal Dulu? I hadn’t either before stumbling upon his wild new song “Antasma”. According to SoundCloud, Sal Dulu is a producer from Dublin—but it’d be tough to tell from the sound of this tune alone. “Antasma” has a laid back, tropical tone that’s established with tight drum patterns, jazzy guitar riffs, and an array of soulful vocal samples. It pretty much won me over as soon as the steel drums came in, but the unexpected barrage of electro synths threw me head over heels. Follow Sal Dulu on SoundCloud and stay tuned for more… we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this guy. Read More

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Leon Lour – Oceans (Loosid Remix)

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It’s the creative little details that make Loosid‘s work so special. His latest release is a remix of London-based artist Leon Lour‘s “Oceans”, which originally featured gripping vocals and a backdrop of epic production. Loosid’s remix bumps up the tempo and introduces some killer flute work, while also incorporating an unorthodox mix of electronic elements. Crisp percussion, finely diced vocals, and perfectly placed bass growls transform this song into something completely out of the ordinary, while still maintaining the powerful appeal of the original track. Read More

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A Sol Mechanic – After Dark

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from A Sol Mechanic! He’s one of my favorite producers, so I was elated when I saw that he contributed a song to Sundae Sauuce’s new 13 track compilation Caramel Drizzle. “After Dark” features tribal-esque drums, meandering synths, and hazy effects all swirling together into an instrumental that’ll have your head nodding in no time. And the best part about this little project? 100% of the Bandcamp revenue generated will be donated to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation to help inner city school music programs in the United States. Grab a digital download for $5 and help support! Read More

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Fhin – Holy Drops

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The latest from Parisian singer/producer Fhin is a special blend of soulful crooning and pure electronic sounds. “Holy Drops” is a perfect combination of Fhin’s beautiful song writing skills and unique production, resulting in a haunting song that seems to get better with every listen. An acoustic intro abruptly gives way surging synths and chopped vocals, but everything is tied together nicely when the former elements are reintroduced and the song continues down a more organic path. Check out more from Fhin on SoundCloud and stream “Holy Drops” below. Read More

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Arizona based producer Jordan Reddington, aka Lakey Inspired, makes wonderfully chilled out instrumentals that hit on all the right notes. “5 Min Call” is one of his newest beats, and it serves as a great example of the young artist’s style. A gently rolling piano melody is backed by brisk percussion and subtle synths, creating a pleasantly laid back vibe that’s impossible to resist. Check out more from Lakey Inspired on SoundCloud and listen to “5 Min Call” below. Read More

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PnB Rock – Selfish (Shlohmo Remix)

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I know I’m not the only one whose ears perk up whenever Shlohmo drops a new remix. It’s been a while, so this dark and restrained reworking of Philly R&B artist PnB Rock‘s hit single “Selfish” comes as a welcomed surprise. The original song’s production was really bright and pretty, so of course Shlohmo stripped it down and installed his brooding, bass heavy sound in it’s place. The resulting track is worlds apart from its predecessor, which is exactly what a quality remix is supposed to be. Here’s hoping Shlohmo has more music coming soon. Read More