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Big Wild – When I Get There

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The Invincible EP from Californian producer Big Wild is finally here and it’s even better than expected. Standout track “When I Get There” kicks off the EP in fine fashion, with an intro of lush synths giving way to a minimalistic, vocal sample-centric beat. It sounds simple enough on paper, but the execution is wildly unique and highly addictive. If you’re feeling this one, be sure to check out the rest of Big Wild’s Invincible EP on Soundcloud. Read More

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Kiefer – U R What You Repeatedly Do

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California-based keyboardist and beatmaker Kiefer is gearing up to drop his debut album Kickinit Alone on Leaving Records in the near future, and the newly released single, “U R What You Repeatedly Do” has certainly grabbed my attention. The crunchy beat is laden with subtle switch-ups and intricately jazzy piano, combining to form an instrumental that’s the epitome of class. Listen to more from Kiefer on Soundcloud and stream “U R What You Repeatedly Do” below. Read More

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Toonorth –

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Producer Toonorth departs from his usual smoked-out style on this one, experimenting with a more direct and full sound. It works quite well, and plenty of his familiar sound still shines through. “” starts strong with a funky bassline and splashy symbols, while warms layers of strings and synths are quickly added to round out the vibe. The song finishes even stronger, with a major tempo change providing a rather trippy outro. Check out more from Toonorth on Soundcloud and stream “” below. Read More

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whereisalex – Everyday Machines

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It seems like veteran beatsmith whereisalex can do no wrong – whether he’s making sinister sounding trap beats or breezy, hip hop inspired instrumentals, it always sounds amazing. His latest tune, “Everyday Machines,” falls into the latter category. Catchy piano melodies, warbling vocal samples, and small sections of electric guitar are effortlessly blended together to form an upbeat track that’s perfect for a stroll on a sunny day. Stream it below. Read More

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Coubo – Sunset

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You can always count on MelodySoul to deliver when you’re in the mood for chilled out beats. Their most recent release comes courtesy of label co-founder Coubo, who works his magic on a brand new instrumental titled “Sunset”. The laid-back vibe of the song is perfectly captured by the artwork that accompanies it – with splashes of luminous synths and thumping percussion swirling together to create an irresistible head-nodder. Check out MelodySoul and Coubo on Soundcloud and stream “Sunset” below. Read More

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Danny Dwyer – Bench

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New York-based producer Danny Dwyer makes crunchy beats that are often complimented by rappers, but his latest song is a heaping spoonful of pure instrumental goodness. “Bench” features a crisp beat, steamy horns, and variety of synths that balance out the organic sounds with an electronic edge. This is the first time I’ve heard Danny’s work, but I’m really feeling this one. Needless to say, I recommend checking out the rest of his work on Soundcloud. Stream “Bench” below. Read More

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Killer Bee – luvsick (intro)

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It seems like quality beat tapes are few and far between these days, but NJ/NYC-based producer Killer Bee‘s latest project Otaku hits all the right notes and delivers a superb listen for beat-heads and hip hop fans alike. The crackling, sample-centric tape kicks off with “luvsick (intro)” — a laid back beat that features golden age hip hop percussion, jazzy horns, and tantalizing waves of old school samples. If you’re in the mood to kick back and vibe out, I highly recommend giving Otaku a listen on Soundcloud. Read More

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Goldwater – Booling

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Canadian producer Goldwater‘s newly released “booling” is a warm and funky instrumental with a serious baseline. The song combines an array of future-esque sounds like rubbery bass and off-kilter synths to convey a mood that’s unconventionally sultry, and undeniably fresh. Check out the rest of Goldwater’s work on Soundcloud and stream “booling” below. Read More

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HXNS – Closer (ft. Chase Thomas)

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Bay area producer HXNS just dropped off a new beat and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The work week is almost over and with every passing minute we’re getting “Closer” to the weekend. “Closer” combines all sorts of organic sounds to great effect — the most notable being Chase Thomas‘ sultry acoustic guitar work — and the end product is a brief, but steamy slice of instrumental bliss. Stream it below. Read More

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xander. – ourfirstdate

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First dates can be filled with a lot of emotions: excitement, nervousness, tension, and of course, love. Comparatively, xander.‘s new track “ourfirstdate” is filled with ups and downs that closely mirror the crazy ride that a first date tends to offer. This jittery instrumental blends complex rhythms with slowed down sections of balmy synths, and the overarching melody creates a soothing, sweet tone that reminds us all what it’s like to fall in love. Check out xander.’s Soundcloud for more music, and listen to “ourfirstdate” below. Read More