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Cavalier – I’m So Bossy

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Song: I’m So Bossy
Artist: Cavalier

This hypnotic instrumental remix of Pusha T‘s “Numbers On The Boards” pulls the most recognizable elements from the original beat (produced by Don Cannon, Kanye West and 88-Keys) and slows them down to a ghostly creep. It’s every bit as unsettling as the original, but the new trance inducing pace dives even deeper into evil genius territory.

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Djemba Djemba – Samurai (ft. King Henry)

In Chill, Electronic, Instrumental by Geran L1 Comment

Song: Samurai (ft. King Henry)
Artist: Djemba Djemba

“Samurai” was one of 17 tracks found in Djemba Djemba’s SoundCloud set “If You’re Listening To This It’s Leftover Beats.” But don’t make the mistake of seeing “leftover” and assuming sub par content. On the leftover spectrum, this track (and really all 17 of the beats) are Thanksgiving leftovers. The King Henry assisted track contrasts plucked strings and a flute riff with some thumping drums and ethereal synths. The result is a killer “leftover beat” that you’ll be more than glad to throw in the microwave and enjoy again.

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Mr. Carmack- Free Baby (Lege Kale Remix)

In Bass, Chill, Instrumental, Remix, Trap by J Freshwater1 Comment

Song: Free Baby (Lege Kale Remix)
Artist: Mr. Carmack

I can assure you that this guy Lege Kale is going to blow up. His Drake remix was one of the best I’ve ever heard, and he just recently released this gem; a remix of Mr. Carmack‘s “Free Baby”. It slaps a fresh coat of paint on the original, transforming it from a laid back beat into a crystal clear trap banger.

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Brick + Mortar – Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

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Song: Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
Artist: Brick + Mortar

New Jersey indie/alternative rock duo, Brick + Mortar are responsible for this maniacal cover of Jimi Hendrix‘s “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)”. It was made for the Hitman: Agent 47 movie trailer. The band uses more electronica than usual in this beast, and it serves to crank things up to a whole ‘nother level.

If you’ve listened to this, it goes without saying that you’ll want to experience the Jimi Hendrix original.

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Rae Sremmurd – This Could Be Us (nosleep remix)

In Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Remix, Trap by Geran L1 Comment

Song: This Could Be Us (nosleep remix)
Artist: Rae Sremmurd

No Sleep took to the internet to share his remix of the sleeper hit (pun intended), “This Could Be Us” from Rae Sremmurd‘s debut album. The Pittsburgh producer has been on a hot streak lately (his remix of Drake’s “How Bout Now” just hit a million plays), and this remix will only serve to prolong it. No Sleep adds some bouncy drums and shimmering synths to his flip, and the result is an injection of energy into an already catchy track. Download it for free on his SoundCloud here.

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George Maple – Talk Talk (Ta-ku Remix)

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Song: Talk Talk (Ta-ku Remix)
Artist: George Maple

Ta-ku blesses us with another remix, this time in the form of fellow Aussie George Maple’s “Talk Talk.” He slows things down on this one, playing with the pitch and even singing a verse of his own. The result is a haunting track with shuffling drums that immediately had me hitting repeat. It’s reminiscent of his “Songs To Break Up To” project and will definitely have you feeling things. If you need proof that the Australian music scene is killing it right now, look no further.

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Oh Wonder – All We Do (LYAR Remix)

In Chill, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Remix by J Freshwater2 Comments

Song: All We Do (LYAR Remix)
Artist: Oh Wonder

Zone out with LYAR‘s steamy new remix of Oh Wonder‘s amazing song, “All We Do”. LYAR is a recently formed electronic duo from Germany, and they’re already making serious waves with their passionate tropical house, deep electronic and feel-good sounds. Check out the rest of their Soundcloud, including their recent remix of Ariana Grande and The Weeknd’s song, “Love Me Harder”.

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Lege Kale – 6th God (Drake Flip)

In Chill, Hip Hop, Jazz, Remix by J Freshwater1 Comment

Song: 6th God (Drake Flip)
Artist: Lege Kale

There are a lot of halfhearted Drake remixes floating around lately and Lege Kale‘s production certainly isn’t one of them. I’ll even go as far as saying that it’s one of the best Drake remixes I’ve heard, period. Lege Kale’s “6th God (Drake Flip) is from the amazing Souletiquette compilation album, Ingenious Pleasure. This remix has Drake’s vocals pitched down and cloaked in layer of swinging jazz, with the cleanest bass kick you could ask for. Check it out.