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LUKA – Fault Line

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Song: Fault Line
Artist: LUKA

Sedated, reverb drenched guitar recorded by LUKA forms the central pillar of his rich new track, ‘Fault Line’. It’s accented with a teasingly brief vocal sample and carried on the shoulders of a hypnotizing line of sparse percussion. Be on the lookout for his new EP, rumored to be coming out soon.

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Jhene Aiko – Vapors (Madbliss Rework)

In Chill, Indie, Pop, R&B, Remix by Tally MarxLeave a Comment

Song: Vapors (Madbliss Rework)
Artist: Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko‘s vocals were perfect for Madbliss to tweak around in this remix; he left her voice mostly in its raw form, which will always appeal to the masses. The California producer hasn’t put out too many remixes, but at 17 years old, he does a damn good job with the two others he has released. From the cosmic-melody intro in the original song, fading in high hats and immediately comes at you with Aiko’s echoed voice. The wave of dubby wobbles in the mix blissfully flow with notes of the light violin plucking from the album version. Next to the perfectly timed pauses and breathy chorus, this song strikes back and to top it off, it’s even more irresistible with a classic cliff hanger ending.

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Matrimony – Giant (Ghosts Remix)

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Song: Giant (Ghosts Remix)
Artist: Matrimony

This haunting remix by Austria’s Ghosts is a lucid reworking that swells with pop vocals and powerful pianos with added activity from sampled hi-hats and tasty tabla.
The remix’s sly additions provide color and enhance Matrimony’s heart-wrenching original.
A downpour of audio effects–including compressed vocals and rain showers–creates a torrential, yet tranquil electronic ballad that builds but never crests.

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A Sol Mechanic – Tight Leash

In Chill, Electronic, Experimental, Indie by J Freshwater1 Comment

Song: Tight Leash
Artist: A Sol Mechanic

Easily one of my favorite artists, A Sol Mechanic is forever evolving his laid-back instrumental style. His latest piece, ‘Tight Leash’ is another strong step forward. Fragile vocals from the man himself are woven throughout a layer of the lush and organic instrumentation A Sol Mechanic is known for. It’s really unlike anything else being created right now, and I love it.
‘Tight Leash’ is part of the excellent Stereocure Vol. 3 compilation album.

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Cold Courage – Her

In Chill, Dance, Electronic, Instrumental by J Freshwater1 Comment

Song: Her
Artist: Cold Courage

This tropical tinged dance beat arrived last week via a fresh face; London based artist Cold Courage. The gorgeous vocal sample reminds me of something straight out of The Little Mermaid… Surely I’m not the only one, right? This is an exciting and unique debut for the 23 year old producer that has me anticipating whatever he does next.

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Meadowlark – Fly

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Song: Fly
Artist: Meadowlark

What a beautiful way to start the week! ‘Fly’ is the graceful new single from Meadowlark, a melancholic indie pop duo from Bristol, UK. The song has an air of quiet power, with effectively subtle instrumentation, soaring vocals and an unforgettable melody. ‘Fly’ will be featured on Meadowlark’s fantastic ‘Dual EP’, out March 30th on Believe Recordings.

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Thavius Beck – Piano Lobster

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Song: Piano Lobster
Artist: Thavius Beck

LA beat doctor Thavius Beck spent a rainy day hard at work on this incredibly glitchy instrumental. “Piano Lobster” clips along at high speed with accelerated hi-hats, warped scratches and saxophone stabs. It’s all backed by a beautifully distinguished piano riff. All of Thavius’s music has a cool experimental edge to it, so if you liked this, check out his SoundCloud.

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Icekream – So Much..

In Chill, Electronic, Instrumental, Trap by Geran LLeave a Comment

Song: So Much..
Artist: Icekream

Icekream‘s newest scoop, “So Much..” is dedicated to his fans. The track samples dialogue from the 1940’s classic, Casablanca, and throws it over some infectious keys and trap stylings. Icekream really lives up to his name on this one, because this track is as smooth, chill and delicous as ice-cream. The best part of the song is the layers of vocal samples Icekream uses. Melodic samples echo throughout the track complimenting shorter, jumpier, chopped vocals. Words really don’t do the creative samples justice though, so head to Icekream’s SoundCloud, get the free download of the track, and see for yourself.

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Ryn Weaver – OctaHate (PRFFTABLE Remix)

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Song: OctaHate (PRFFTABLE Remix)
Artist: Ryn Weaver

Arguably my favorite new pop songstress of 2014, Ryn Weaver graced us with her celebrated Promises EP last year. My favorite song from that EP? “Octahate” (which has a really fun video).
PRFFTABLE, the collaboration between electronic producers PRFFTT and Svyable, have delivered a pumped up remix of “Octahate” that retains the catchy structure of the original song, and cranks the electronica to an earth shattering new level.

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Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat

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Song: Technicolour Beat
Artist: Oh Wonder

The newest goosebump inducing track from Oh Wonder serves as yet another example of why they’re destined to be the next big thing. Like their previous releases, “Technicolour Beat” displays an incredible song writing ability that spins a warm and melancholic web that’s delightfully easy to sink into.