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Dinosaurus Rex – Beta

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Song: Beta
Artist: Dinosaurus Rex

“Beta” by Dinosaurus Rex is a great song to soundtrack a nice walk on a sunny day. It only makes sense that it was released on a label called SVNSET WAVES. The looping shimmering synths and glimmering samples combine to create a track with a pleasant funkiness. This song is from 2013 and Dinosarus Rex now makes surf-punk as Panther Martin, but now is a perfect time to revisit the track as sunny spring weather becomes more frequent (at least on the West Coast). You can download this track and the rest of the SVMMER SVN series it appeared on at SVNSET WAVES’s SoundCloud.

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Jackal – Chinchilla (Woolymammoth Remix)

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Song: Chinchilla (Woolymammoth Remix)
Artist: Jackal

My favorite part of Jackal’s “Chinchilla” was the buzz saw synths and the menacing heaviness that they emitted. Wollymammoth’s remix of the track reinterprets those buzz saw synths in a way that gives the song some needed pace without loosing that heaviness. The first half of the remix is good, but the dark break down at around the 1:45 mark just takes the track to a whole ‘nother level. It is just a mammoth sized remix. And to make things even better you can download it on Wollymammoth’s SoundCloud for free.

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Nadastrom – Medium Redeye

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Song: Medium Redeye
Artist: Nadastrom

Nadastrom’s proper debut album showed the Moombahton pioneers pulling influences from Moombahton, House and even West Coast, Brain Feeder like beats. But the duo’s music isn’t something that should be described and limited by genres. “Medium Redeye” is an excellent example of this. A catchy vocal sample and an infectious synth riff transitions to a frantic, chopped breakdown. After the breakdown more and more elements are introduced and taken away but the melodic appeal and mood is never lost. The result is an ever-changing beat that is just as perfect for dancing in a club to as it is for chilling out to. Be sure to check out the rest of Nadastrom’s long over-due self-titled debut album as well!

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PYRMDPLAZA – Glassss (Gravez Remix)

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Song: Glassss (Gravez Remix)

Gravez is hot right now, his music just got some airtime in a Nike commercial. So it’s no surprise that his flip of PYRMDPLAZA‘s “Glassss” is a head bobber. The remix speeds up that super catchy vocal sample and smooths out some of the punchier parts of the original. Thumping bass is included throughout as well. This is a perfect example of how seemingly everyone associated with Soulection is killing it at the moment.

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Melanie De Biasio – With All My Love (Jonwayne Remix)

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Song: With All My Love (Jonwayne Remix)
Artist: Melanie De Biasio

Jonwayne‘s remix of Melanie De Biasio‘s “With All My Love” is beautifully subtle. For the first minute, the song is seemingly unchanged. The repetition of Melanie De Biasio’s voice has a hypnotic effect that lulls you into a sense of loneliness. But then you are teased with some bass and the spell is broken. A rapid fire drum beat follows, picking up more elements and complexity as the song progresses. The fast chaotic drums pair excellently with the slow melodic voice of Melanie De Biasio. But then the drums and bass cut out, and you are left alone with the melancholy crooning. The sudden absence of the percussion gives the surprisingly haunting remix an extra heaviness as it comes to an end.

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Joey Bada$$ Ft. Kiesza – Teach Me (Sango Edit)

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Song: Teach Me (Sango Edit)
Artist: Joey Bada$$ Ft. Kiesza

“Teach Me” was an unexpected track on Joey Bada$$‘s debut album, ‘B4.DA.$$’. It found him teaming up with Kiesza and abandoning his gritty new york aesthetic for a track with more pop-sensibilities. The bouncy, fast moving track sounded destined for the radio. Sango slows the fun track down a bit and throws some crazy reverb on Kiesza’s vocals. That along with some space sounds, dancing keys, humming bass and classic Sango drums creates quite the celestial vibe. Needless to say, Sango’s edit definitely outshines the original track.

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Luminate – Unorthodoxy

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Song: Unorthodoxy
Artist: Luminate

Shouldn’t have called me fat dude, that hurt my feelins.
The opening audio sample in the latest beat from Luminate foreshadows the incoming blast of heavyweight trap that’s headed straight for that dome piece of yours. Lunging synths and breakneck hi-hats are framed by the perfect kicks and claps– combining to create a sharp trap instrumental with hilarious sound bites.

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Kae uh – Eeextended

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Song: Eeextended
Artist: Kae uh

Fuzzy filters and acoustic guitar strums are backed by a daze inducing beat in Kae uh‘s “Eeextended”. The song moves along at a codeine like pace, and really gets interesting when a simple “make it clap” sample is interjected. Kae uh is from LA and has some pretty cool material to his name. I’ll be keeping an eye out for whatever comes next.