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Artists: PANAMA

Back in the day, cover songs were often a way for a new talent to show off their unique sound. Remixes, despite the hate they get from the rock community that chooses to ignore their cover-heavy past, are just cover songs, and they allow artists like LUKA to really flourish. On it’s own, Panama’s new single “Jungle” is like homemade vanilla ice cream: well-made, easy to swallow, but quite bland. And why choose vanilla with you can have a wild combination? The 23-year-old LUKA has whipped this commercially viable but ultimately sterile pop trudge into a whole new flavor. The vox take a backseat and are shrouded behind the instrumentals perfectly. And frosty back-beats combine with warm pulses of synth keys that make you feel like your face is over a hot cup of tea on a cold day.  Take a sip, it will warm you right up.


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