KOSHU - Intertwine

Song: Intertwine
Artist: KOSHU

I feel like a good portion of today’s popular electronic music lacks a certain something, but I’m not sure what it is. Heart? Emotion?? Depth???

Right now is a great time for music, it’s just discouraging when you have to wade through 50+ lackluster songs in order to find a gem that really hits you. I suppose it takes some deep digging to find an artist able to work that kind of magic.

Introducing KOSHU: a Russian-born, LA-based producer with expertise in moving melodies and huge electronic sounds. His new track, “Intertwine”, mixes melancholic moods with explosive, dubstep-esque drops to create a vibe that’s emotional, empowering, and all-around extraordinary. It’s not every day that you stumble upon something that shifts your state of mind from downtrodden to inspired over the course of four minutes. This leads me to believe that KOSHU has that special something that’ll pave the way toward big things in the future.

Download “Intertwine” for free, check out the video (directed by the man himself), and be sure to follow KOSHU on SoundCloud.

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