Vandelux – Lost In Common EP

In Chill, Dance, House, Indie by Jeff

With his debut EP, San Francisco based singer, songwriter, and producer Vandelux delivers a cohesive and engaging batch of songs laced with smooth house production. Between the catchy, digitized vocals in “Feel Good”, the deep and hypnotizing beat in “Live Forever”, and the twangy acoustic guitar in “Ride or Die”, this project truly highlights Vandelux’s versatility as a producer. His silky vocals are intertwined throughout the EP, adding another level of depth and providing something to latch onto for repeated listens. We first featured Vandelux way back in 2015, and it’s been amazing to hear his style mature and evolve over the years. Check out “Live Forever”—my favorite track from the EP—below, along with the full Lost In Common project on Spotify.