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X&G – Whiplash ft. josh pan

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Song: Whiplash ft. josh pan Artist: X&G Frequent collaborators X&G and Josh Pan join forces to create the strange and experimental “Whiplash”, which isn’t just a song, but a surreal experience. An eerie overtone permeates the track, with warped vocals and accelerated percussion leading the way. The psychedelic sounds heat to a boil before the song drops with a full …

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Tennyson – Like What?

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Song: Like What? Artist: Tennyson Glitchy, groovy, and just plain great — Tennyson‘s new single “Like What?” is unlike anything you’ve heard lately. The brother-sister duo just dropped their Like What EP and it’s so good it’ll charm your warmest winter socks off. “Like What?” serves as a fine example of what the group is all about: twisting, turning, bright …

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WIZE – chocolate milk (feat. R.O.M)

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Song: chocolate milk (feat. R.O.M) Artist: WIZE London-based beatsmith WIZE gets an assist from R.O.M on a bubbling and experimental new beat titled “chocolate milk”. It’s short and sweet—clocking in at only 2 minutes—but it packs a whole lotta good vibes in it’s brief runtime. Chopped vocals and swanky guitar are backed by an array of off-kilter percussion to create …

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NoMBe – Kemosabe

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Song: Kemosabe Artist: NoMBe Shimmering psychedelic sounds and soulful vocals combine to make “Kemosabe” the most experimental song from NoMBe yet. The multitalented LA-based artist previously wowed us with “Miss Mirage” and after a few months of silence, he’s back in a big way. The smokey vocals and spine-tingling production in “Kemosabe” are spectacular — resulting in a song that’s …

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Kagwe – Newton’s Cradle

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Song: Newton’s Cradle Artist: kagwe Some seriously delightful sounds are being let loose by a producer called kagwe lately. Not much is known about him (besides his location being somewhere in the US), but I can tell you that his new song “Newton’s Cradle” sounds like something Mario might dream up after eating a few too many mushrooms. It’s whimsical …

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Mr. Carmack – Synchronize

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Song: Synchronize Artist: Mr. Carmack Your favorite producers favorite producer—Mr. Carmack—dropped his White EP a few days ago and the standout track is inarguably “Synchronize”. It’s a remix of sorts—sampling Groove Armada‘s “Superstylin” and lacing it with the type of ferocious beat that Carmack built his name on. It was released alongside a long note about Portugal’s successful approach to …

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Pompeya – OOOOO (Cry About It) (Win & Woo Remix)

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Song: OOOOO (Cry About It) (Win & Woo Remix) Artists: Pompeya Tribal house vibes course through the very soul of Win & Woo‘s latest tune — a remix of new wave pop band Pompeya‘s catchy-as-hell single, “OOOOO (Cry About It).” These sounds are an exciting departure from Win & Woo’s norm, and it’s a risk that has certainly paid off. …

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whereisalex – new ways to long for you.

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Song: new ways to long for you.. Artist: whereisalex A soulful key and organ meditation start out “new ways to long for you.” and it builds in a satisfyingly unpredictable way. whereisalex states he’s from the west coast of Japan, and while a slight Asian influence can be heard in the song’s ear candy, the predominant vibe suggests the artist …

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Dylan Brady & Poter Elvinger – Read At 2:35 AM

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Song: Read At 2:35 AM Artist: Dylan Brady & Poter Elvinger These guys have to be taking some cutting edge, unavailable-to-the-public type shit. Dylan Brady and Poter Elvinger both create hard hitting “pop” music that won’t actually be considered popular until 10 years from now. Mark my words: they’re ahead of their time. “Read At 2:35 AM” is their first …