Ekcle – Pearl Jigsaw

In Electronic, Experimental by Jeff

Trippy and impossibly intricate, Ekcle‘s new song “Pearl Jigsaw” is an extravagant production loaded with surprises. In my humble opinion, the English producers’ experimental sound is the freshest thing happening in electronic music right now. It’s obvious they aren’t concerned with current trends and they’re more than capable of blazing their own path forward.

The first half of “Pearl Jigsaw” has a pleasantly bouncy groove with whimsical flutes, crunchy bass, and a sprinkling of vocal samples from Natalie Portman in the movie Closer. The second half cranks up the intensity with an unexpected, hard hitting drop laced with plucked strings and organ-esque synths. Most producers would’ve stopped there, but this song transforms yet again in its final moments for an intense finale. You’d expect something with this many elements to become disjointed, but Ekcle create a masterful cohesion by steadily introducing new sounds to build up the experience. Good stuff.

Listen to “Pearl Jigsaw” below and be sure to check out Ekcle’s excellent Yoja EP from last year if you missed it.