Sapphire Adizes – Proof of Concept

In Downtempo, Dreamy, Electronic, Experimental, Indie by Jeff

Sapphire Adizes is a saxophonist, producer, and singer-songwriter who creates meaningful and experimental electronic music. My favorite song of his, “Proof of Concept”, is an entrancing journey from start to finish. A series of interesting vocal samples are interspersed throughout the track, linking together three wildly unique musical sections. It starts with softly crooned vocals that dissolve into an eerie section of spacious bass, classic piano, and ethereal synths, which is then followed by the final (and most amazing) piece of the song—a powerful sax performance that slices through the smokey vibes and puts an exclamation point on this amazing musical experience. Check out more from Sapphire Adizes on SoundCloud and stream “Proof of Concept” below.